Graphics for tech and science
Do you have a big idea?
Is the explanation hard to deliver?
Is it too technical?
Whether you need a professional startup pitch deck, custom made sales presentation, an infographic or a story board...
And it has been scientifically proven!
Our team helps our clients to bring their big ideas to life, explain technical processes, make complex topics comprehensible and fun!

Presentations with illustrations become 43% more successful according to the study made by University of Minnesota & 3M.

The human brain can process an entire image in as little as 0.01 sec.

Deciding where to move eyes can take 0.1-0.14 sec according to the research by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) funded by the US National Institute of Health.

Oh we actually just made that up. We don’t know this number for sure, but our sixth sense tells us that it’s even higher. What do you think?

We will help you make your appearance great!

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